Founded 30th September 2009


The Institute for Theoretical Molecular





Koichi Itoh M.D.,Ph.D.
President &Professor


21-13, Rokurokuso-cho, Ashiya, Hyogo, JAPAN, 659-0011
TEL: +81-797-35-6368
FAX: +81-797-35-6368

I do not try to encipher life phenomenon. Life- form is not machines. Therefore, if we try to measure a lot of parameters of life phenomenon using high precision computers, I think it is impossible to make formulas. What is my theoretical molecular biology? It is give solutions to fundamental and important propositions of life phenomenon, logically. I try to give solutions logically, deductively, inductively to propositions. I do not deny systems biology, but there are tremendous fluctuation in life phenomenon, it is impossible to make formulas. Realistically, we should concentrate to solve propositions with logical thinking and meditation. That is my theoretical molecular biology.